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26 Mar 2019 03:24

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What is WiFi Hotspot?

Wi-Fi hotspot is the area in which there is Wi-Fi access to the internet. Hotpot word is now used to interchange the device that is available for the signal and the device that sends the signal to the device (wireless router or wireless access point). Similarly, the words "WiFi Router" and "WiFi Access Point" (AP) are often used together with each other Funny WiFi Names https://wifinamesfunny.com.

Simple Hotspot - Open or Unencrypted Router

The easiest way to run a hotspot is to buy a home wireless router, connect to the Internet, and set up wireless security settings or disable it. This will allow anyone to access the Internet and access other computers connected to the router. Your control over connectivity is very low and how much bandwidth is used. If you do not have any security concerns and you do not want to earn money, then this is a simple way. Cost ~ 50-100

Simple Hotspot - Encrypted Router with WPA or WEP

Another option is to enable router protection. Two types of wireless security are WEP and WPA-WPA newer and more secure. For both types, you specify the "key" that you need to connect to. You can tell your customers what WPA or WEP key is and they can be connected. It provides some protection and I think you can change the WPA or WEP key every day. Funny WiFi Names However, there is no such person who can stop his friend from saying a word. Therefore, it is not ideal for income.

captive portal.

Almost all commercial hotspot captive portals are. It is shown as an open or unencrypted wireless signal, but then you were prompted to sign in again or gain access to the Internet, where all the traffic was directed to a specific page called "SplashPage" went. This is a smart method because most laptops are automatically connected to open Wi-Fi signals. When a customer runs an Internet Explorer (or uses a web browser), it will be sent to your splash page, regardless of the site they are trying to connect.

Garden walls

When talking about captive portal, the word "walled garden" is often used. This is the website or website on which the customer can be connected without payment. For example, a customer connected to your hotspot gets redirected to the splash page. You can choose to pay for internet access or you can access the free websites you choose, such as your hotel's website or local attractions.

Hosted Hotspot Services.

There are several companies that offer hosted hotspot services to professional owners. These services usually include links to the consumer, links to WRT 54GL router, which redirects traffic to the welcome page organized by the hotspot company. The hosting company usually handles payments for internet access. When the hosting company handles the owner of the hotspot to the hotspot owner, these services usually run on revenue sharing basis. Some companies charge a monthly fee from the hotspot owner to use their services.

DIY-Captive Portals

If you do not want to use Hosted Hotspot Solutions, there are a few options for DIY Captive Portal. There are some commercial software packages that run on Windows or Linux PCs and work as a captive portal. In this PC should run 24 hours Another approach is to convert standard firmware through a Linux-based operating system because the wireless router runs the hotspot software itself and is such an OpenWRT or DD-wrt. The challenge here is to install necessary software on a small rota space of a home router.

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